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In this modern age, focusing on SEO (Search Engine Optimization) as a business is pretty much always a good idea. Many businesses are going online, and if not only, at least partly. So SEO is a vital part of your marketing.


Think of it like this. When opening up a shop it is of course very important that the venue is located in an area where there are many potential customers. Perhaps on a busy street road where you know people will come across your shop. The internet is a little bit the same.


When people search for different products or services on search engines such as Google, most people tend to click on the websites listed higher up. Very few people look at the websites on the second side. Just as most people walk into the shops that are easily accessible. 


This means that if you want potential customers to find your business, you have to rank quite high in the search results. You have to beat your competitors and make people click on your website. This requires work and expertise.


Ranking high does however not mean you have to be the top-ranking competitor. Being number one is not needed for gaining good business. You just have to be among the top, and the difficulty of achieving that depends on how big the competition is in your case.


SEO is worth spending money on, cause chances are, you will be earning a lot more from it. This is especially true if your business is completely online. Without SEO, your business would likely not survive on the internet.


The reason for using SEO is quite simple, it is to gain customers. If people can’t find your website, they obviously won’t be buying from you. It is as simple as that.