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95% of all local websites in my area are not optimized for conversions, in the sense that they are so poorly built that its hurting the brand more than it’s helping them build social proof. Rarely do I see a website even optimized for mobile view, and that should be a standard since 90% of all their traffic comes from our mobile devices. What is stopping these business owners from investing in a Professional Web Design.

Optimizing for the now

The standard for now is not hard to match or even over do but still it seems hard for local businesses to keep up, so that’s why i’m here to help. A Professional Web Design don’t have to be expensive, especially for a simple website as most local businesses have, it would be in the price range of $1000 – 2000.

Is a new website worth the money

You can look at it like this, if your website isn’t helping you build social proof, then is hurting your social proof, so the small investment of $1000 is one of the best investments you can make to start building social proof in your local area. With most websites you can optimize them for paid Traffic, so the option of further marketing strategies have now been made possible. And remember the whole purpose of your website in the first place is to make you more money, and if it’s not optimized then it’s hurting your business and you might just be better off with a simple Facebook page as your business website instead.