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News from around the globe is a part of our daily life. We get bombarded with it every day, from every possible direction. It could be on the subway on your way to work, on any form of social media platform, on tv, the radio, perhaps even at the dentist’s office. Do your feel like it is starting to affect your well-being? You are not alone in feeling that way.


Perhaps you have already come to a firm conclusion that these negative news are affecting your mental health. So what do you do? There is no easy answer to that question. Each person has to try and see what works the best for them in their life. But here are two easy tips to try out.

Don’t check the news the first thing in the morning

If the news doesn’t affect you too much, you can start out by not reading or watching anything news-related in the morning. This might mean that you have to cut out social media in the morning as well since news often makes its way there. Doing this will help you to start the day in a more positive way.


Ask someone close to you to tell you the most important news

If the news affects your well-being severely, ask a friend or a family member who watches the news to tell you only the most important news every now and then. This will help you to stay calm and positive, without being cut off from the outside world completely. It will give you a nice balance, where your feelings still are prioritized.


The world that we live in can feel scary. Therefore we might need to change our routines in order to stay calm and happy. Even in these things you need to listen to your body and practice self-care.