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Beautiful tropical beaches, food exploding with flavor, friendly people, and rich culture. That is Thailand, the country of smiles. Thinking about where to go for vacation? Here are five reasons to visit Thailand at least once in your lifetime.

Where the extremes meet

Wanna get that jungle-feel? Or long for the view of a skyline full of busy nightlife? In Thailand, you can get both. Climb to large waterfalls, visit lively markets, swim in fish stims, or dance your way to the bar. What your vacation will consist of is up to you, the possibilities are pretty much endless.

Unique cuisine

Traditional Thai food is different from most other cuisines. Using lots of garlic, chili, and ginger, herbs such as cilantro and lemongrass, and generous amounts of soy and fish sauce, the dishes turn into a tasty mix of spicy, fresh and salty. There is a big range of different dishes with their own set of flavor palettes. There are just so much different things to try, that getting tired of Thai food would be an accomplishment itself.

Tropical beaches

What are you up for? Surfing, snorkeling, diving, or just tanning? The neverending beaches of white sand and turquoise water make each activity stunning. And while you are there, do not miss the opportunity of a proper Thai massage on the beach. That will be relaxing on a whole other level.

Rich culture

It is practically impossible to leave Thailand without seeing at least one temple. All around the country, large buildings embellished with gold and bright colors will catch your eye. The special architecture and detailed statues make up a photo-worthy experience in culture and religion.

Friendly locals

A vacation in Thailand will get you in a good mood. The friendliness of the locals will no doubt rub off onto you. In Thailand, you will be met with smiles all around, as well as the traditional hand gesture greeting called “wai”. Greet them in the same way and the smiles will become bigger than you would think possible

So hop on a plane and see the beauty of Thailand for yourself!